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GRRL CLUB SOLDIERS - Girls vs Boys Event
7th Dec · [AFC]Nightmare 9111 [XB1] · Community Event · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

     As Battlefield prepares to release the new upcoming DLC, Turning Tides, so should you. Be prepared to take part in the biggest dispute known to human nature... Who's better? On Saturday, December 16th GRRL CLUB SOLDIERS will be hosting the final Battle of the Sexes to wrap up the year 2017.
8 PM London
9 PM Berlin
3 PM US est
12 PM US West

Twitter:  Official GRRL CLUB SOLDIERS 

The All Star Match
6th Dec · Hardcore LeagueHL · League Event · 1 Comments · Likes · Like

The best of the best team up with Hardcore League staff 

Rydzu BCIW Event
6th Dec · Hardcore LeagueHL · Community Event · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

     Do you have what it takes to take on the challenge presented to you in The Best Community in the World's Server? Put your skills to the test at 9PM CET, the 9th of December, 2017 in the Rydzu_ Event.  

     In this challenge, with only three rounds of Conquest to claim your bounties on Volga River, Soissons and Giant's Shadow offering very minimal cover, you are facing all odds. 

Social:  @Rydzu  ...
Official Tweet from @Rydzu2015
Official Rydzu Youtube Channel:

Silly Sunday X-Max Events
6th Dec · Hardcore LeagueHL · Community Event · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Join us in the Celebration of this Holiday Season on Battlefield 1

Green and White Army  Platoon  

Come get Silly every Sunday this December on  SillySundays
All Platoons and Players Welcome
PSN: gordonckerr
Twitter:  @silly_sunday 
Facebook:  GAWA Battlefield

Elite Division Tournament
30th Nov · Hardcore LeagueHL · Tournament · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

-This Tournament will be 12vs12.     

-There will be a Roster Lock,  teams however, can submit as many people to the roster, there is no limit. (It will be asked for at a later date.).     

-Any team registered on the Hardcore League website may submit multiple roster entry's into this tournament, but no roster may have any of the same people on more than 1 roster and each new roster entry must be filled out separately in another  "Elite Tournament 1 Registration Form" with the accompanying fee.    

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